Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is one of the fastest, most convenient ways to access / view your Equicom accounts online. Using your unique Username and Password, you can perform banking transactions online, whenever and wherever you want, from any PC with Internet access. It’s safe, convenient, and it’s FREE.

What is the availability of Equicom Web banking?

You can make use of Web banking any time. Web banking is available and accessible 24 hours a day even on holidays.

Is Equicom Web banking accessible from outside the Philippines?

Yes. All you need is a computer with an Internet access and a compatible browser.

How much does using Equicom Web banking cost?

Equicom Web Banking access is FREE of charge.

How can I enroll in Equicom Web banking?

  • Go to
  • Click on the link to access our secured site
  • Input Validation Code or (CAPTCHA)
  • Click the link “Enroll Now”
  • Follow on screen instructions (Input Personal Info and Account & Cards to Enroll)
  • Click Save Application
  • Wait for the SMS and Email notification

I forgot my password, or the system is having trouble identifying me, or I have tried to log in 3 times and the system locked me out, what do I do?

As a security feature, the system will not allow you to Login. Please contact your branch of account, Payment Services Division or our Customer Service Hotline.

How can I change my password?

  • From the Account Basic Screen
  • Click the link change Password
  • Input old and new passwords
  • Note that you cannot reuse your 5 most recent passwords

Why do I have to submit my enrollment forms to the bank branch?

Equicom requires the client to submit the signed enrollment form to ascertain his willingness to enroll in the facility. It also serves as a control procedure for possible fraudulent transactions. Our existing enrollment procedures are not meant to inconvenience our clients but were designed for the mutual protection of the Bank and its clients.

Can I send attached scanned documents via e-mail or fax the document instead of going to the branch?

No. Unfortunately, electronic or scanned documents sent via e-mail or fax will not be accepted. Original signatures on the submitted documents are required to prove the authenticity of the enrollment.

Documents can be easily tampered using computer graphic software possibly resulting in fraudulent documents and forms. The Bank is also taking precautionary measures to prevent viruses from entering the Bank’s system. This is another part of our policy designed for mutual protection of the Bank and its clients.

Can I view my account statement/account details online? Can I print it?

Yes, your account statements over the past 12 months are available for viewing. You may also download and/or print them for your file or future reference.

Can I get a history of my account transactions?

Yes, details and history of your transactions are shown in your statement of account. If you have an enrolled Checking Account, you may also view the front and rear images of the checks that you have issued.

Can I monitor my EqB Cards usage and ATM balance online?

Yes. With Equicom Web Banking, you can make balance inquiries online and view the real-time balances of your enrolled EqB accounts (Savings, Checking, Time Deposit) and cards (Credit, Prepaid, Gift, and Rewards)

How many characters are required in creating my User ID and password?

User ID should be 6 to 20 characters long and the password at least 8 alpha numeric characters long. A system generated password will be given to you via mobile text message. Upon initial login, you will automatically be required to change your password.

I am behind a corporate firewall. Can I use Equicom Web Banking?

Equicom Web Banking is browser based, thus allowing you to conduct online banking without interfering with your company’s firewall. However, should you experience any difficulty, you can always e-mail us or call our Customer Service Hotline. You may also check with your Network Administrator.

My computer shut down before I logged out from my Equicom Web banking session, what will happen to my profile?

Any uncompleted transaction requests will not be served. This scenario will be treated similarly as a timed out session which is when the system automatically logs-off your account after 10 minutes of inaction during any login session. Login again and repeat the transaction.

What transactions can I do in Equicom Internet Banking?

  • You can enroll your accounts and cards for online web banking
  • You can check the balances of your Savings, Checking & Time Deposit Accounts, and your Credit, Prepaid, Rewards & Gift Cards.
  • You can view the transactions of your enrolled accounts and cards through your Statement of Account, where you can also view front and back images of checks issued from your checking account, and detailed reports on auto-credit transactions, if any.
  • You may inquire on your Prepaid, Rewards, and Gift card balances online via the Quick Inquiry feature without need for pre-enrollment
  • You may perform PIN-based balance inquiry, checkbook request, funds transfers across your ATM card related accounts, and inter-bank funds transfer from your ATM cards via a link access to Bancnetonline, without requiring pre-enrollment

What are the delivery channels for the confirmation messages from Equicom Web banking?

Equicom Web banking sends messages thru SMS and email so you stay informed anytime and anywherer. You will be notified for every successful login as a safeguard for you to detect any unauthorized access to your account.

Can I use a Laptop or other mobile devices (Iphones, Ipads, Itouch, web-enabled mobile phones, etc) to access Equicom Web banking?

Yes. Mobile devices with built-in/installed web browser can access Equicom Web Banking, provided they have internet connection. Expect that the screen views may be limited and not as convenient as a regular PC screen.

What type of browsers can I use to access Equicom web banking?

You can use Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers may encounter some problems.

What are the system requirements to Equicom web banking?

  • Internet connection
  • Internet-ready computer, laptop or other mobile device.
  • Web browser

Can I assign names that I can easily recall to my accounts?

Yes, you may assign nicknames or aliases for enrolled Cards only (Credit, Prepaid, Rewards and Gift Cards).

Can I view my checks online?

Yes, you can view the cleared checks that were issued from your checking account. Both front and back images of the check may be viewed, complete with your payment details, signature and bank processing stamps. Over the counter encashed checks will also be made available in the future.

Can I add accounts to my web banking profile?

Yes. From the Basic Accounts Screen, Click on the link Manage Accounts / Cards. You can add accounts (Checking, Savings, and Time Deposit) and other cards (Credit, Prepaid, Rewards and Gift Cards). Additional accounts will still require approval from your depository branch, then you will be duly notified via a text message to visit the branch, where you can sign an amendment form to activate the enrolled cards and accounts.

Can I update information about myself online?

No, you would have to accomplish an Amendment Form and submit to your branch of account to effect the update. The Amendment form is downloadable from the Equicom Savings Bank website, under mobile and internet banking products.

Can two or more users access the same accounts at the same time especially joint account holders?

Yes. Users who share the same accounts, as in the case of joint OR deposit accounts or authorized corporate users, will be allowed to enroll for separate user IDs and subsequently will also be allowed to access the shared accounts simultaneously via internet banking using their respective user IDs

Can I have more than one (1) Equicom Web banking profile using the same Eqb account?

No. Only one user profile is allowed per individual client

Can I print transaction receipts or statement of accounts with Equicom web banking?

Yes. You can view, download, and print your statement of accounts, thereby obtaining printed confirmation of your transactions and balances. You may choose from various file formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, or you may also print directly on paper.