Equicom’s Super Check Makes Banking Easier

To meet the demands for new and innovative personal financial services, Equicom Savings Bank (EqB), Inc. is laying a range of products designed to make banking with EqB a truly delightful and a wonderful experience. Recently, the bank relaunched a product which combines the convenience of a checking account and the advantages of a credit card.

The Equicom Super Check is exclusive for Equicom credit cardholders,” said Elizabeth E. Coronel, Senior Vice President “This gives them a convenient payment option by simply issuing checks drawn against their Equicom Credit Card.”

With the Equicom Super Check, qualified cardholders can easily access their credit card facility by allowing them to issue checks up to 100% of their available credit limit. For every check issued, cardholders are only charged a minimal service fee lower than that collected when making cash advances. The best part about issuing Super Checks is that cardholders get to earn Equicom Key Points which they can use to shop at VISA establishments across the globe through the Equicom Gift Card.

Satisfied Equicom clients have these to say about how convenient banking has become when using Equicom Super Checks. “Now I can use my credit card for transactions where only cash and checks are accepted. I’m so glad I chose Equicom Credit Card. Now it even comes with a checking facility, giving me the ultimate flexibility”, says Bianne Tupas, All Youth Channels Director. Businessman Alfredo D. Suansing concurs “The Equicom Super Check goes beyond my expectations. It lets me take care of any unexpected expenses that I have to deal with on a daily basis”. Meanwhile, relying on Equicom Super Check to make payments in an instant without worrying about her budget is what Nitz Luna, Comptroller of San Beda College Manila, appreciates most about this product.

Indeed, this unique Equicom product gives you the power to issue checks from your credit card. It allows you instant access to credit whenever and wherever you need it. You enjoy all these benefits at lower interest rates compared to credit card cash advances. Make the Equicom Super Check work for you and let it open a world of payment options.

For more information regarding these services, just call the 24/7 EqB Hotlines at 241-5952, Domestic Toll Free 1-800-10-EQUICOM, or visit www.equicomsavings.com.