P100 Minimum Maintaining Balance And More With Equicom

Clients of Equicom Savings Bank can now keep their savings accounts for as low as Php100, without fear of having their accounts closed. This, plus other perks, if you open a savings account with Equicom Savings Bank!

Clients can earn as much as 0.75% per annum on top of Equicom’s minimum required maintaining balance of only Php100.

As savings account holders, this entitles clients to the Equicom Key Card, an ATM Card that doubles as a debit card. This Key Card lets the clients withdraw from Equicom Savings Bank’s ATMs, as well as Bancnet, Megalink, Expressnet and VISAPlus ATMs.

Moreover, with the Equicom Savings Account, clients can withdraw as much as Php5,000 per transaction, and up to Php50,000 withdrawal per day. They can also use the card to shop, dine and pay bills at Visa establishments worldwide.

To add to their banking convenience, clients can access their accounts at the comfort of their own homes, and via a personal computer or a laptop, with Equicom Online or access important mobile transactions at their fingertips with Equicom’s Mobile Banking.

Equicom Online has real-time, month-to-date statements where clients can view specific periods within the past 12 months or any period up to 90 days within the past 12 months. Here, they can verify all their banking transactions across any of their EqB cards or accounts even within seconds after their most recent approved transactions.

Equicom Mobile banking transactions include real-time balance inquiry for accounts or cards; quick balance inquiry; the viewing of the last five transactions of their deposit accounts; fund transfer across their accounts; Equicom Cash Card loading from their accounts; and payment for Equicom Credit Card from their accounts. All transactions, except for the Quick Inquiry, need to be enrolled at their Equicom Savings Bank branch. After enrolment, they can already experience a whole new convenient world of mobile banking via 0918-818-EQUI(3784).

For more information regarding these services, just call the 24/7 EqB Hotline at 241-5952, 1-800-10-EQUICOM, or visit www.equicomsavings.com.