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Building Tomorrows.

At Equicom Savings Bank, we take care of your tomorrow.
Enter a world of endless possibilities with our products and services.

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Celebrate Life’s Milestones

With Equicom Savings Bank Personal Loan, you can start turning your plans into reality. Travel to your dream destination, drive that car you’re eyeing for or improve your home in the most affordable way possible with our loan products.

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Begin Your Hassle-Free Banking Experience

Enjoy 24/7 banking convenience at your fingertips.

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Stay Ahead With Our Cards

There could be an Equicom Savings Bank Card that suits your lifestyle and financial needs. Browse our wide range of card products and get to know its benefits and features.

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Enjoy Exciting Promos and Privileges

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In a world full of uncertainties, we provide secure services.

Deposit Products
We value your hard-earned money.

A host of savings tools are available for our clients. We have savings facilities for young individuals who want to get into the habit of money management and for mature individuals with more sophisticated financial requirements.

Loan Products
We make every dream a reality.

Whether you want to plan for your dream family vacation, improve your home, or refresh your finances, a loan from us could be more affordable than you think.

Payment Solutions
We have the right card for you.

Equicom Savings Bank has a card that is suited to your individual, family or corporate needs whatever they may be.