Business Loans

A multi-purpose credit facility specially designed to provide the financing requirements of growing small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs.

Features and Benefits

  • Term loan facility
  • Maximum loan amount of Php5,000,000
  • Prevailing interest rates at time of loan release

Loan Purpose

  • For working capital
  • For business expansion, equipment acquisition, or factory construction


  • Please make payments only to authorized Equicom Savings Bank (“the Bank”) employees.
  • Sales agents and/or referrers are not allowed to collect any fees of whatever nature on behalf of the Bank. Any payments made to individuals/entities not authorized by the Bank will not be binding on the Bank.
  • Business Loan applications are subject to Bank’s approval and interest rates are subject to change with prior notice. Tier 1 interest rates apply subject to Bank’s review and approval.
  • The computation for monthly amortization serves as a guide only.
  • The Bank, at its sole discretion, will determine the final loan amount, term, and amortization to be approved.
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