About Us

Equicom Savings Bank (EqB) is a medium-sized savings bank that was established on September 29, 2008. It is a member of the Equicom Group and is majority-owned by Antonio L. Go.

As of end-December 2018, the Bank was among the country’s top 20 thrift banks (in a group of 51 small, medium, and large thrift banks) in terms of total assets, total deposits, total loan portfolio volume, and return on equity. At present, EqB has a total of 10 branches strategically located in the National Capital Region (NCR), Southern Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It maintains Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in all its branches and in select off-site locations. Moreover, its cardholders have access to over 20,000 BancNet ATMs nationwide and over one (1) million Visa Plus ATMs worldwide.

The Bank’s corporate vision is to be the preferred savings bank of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and consumers. On the other hand, its corporate mission aims to provide stakeholders – the banking public, shareholders, and employees alike – with responsive and innovative solutions and excellent service. EqB is the first bank to receive the Pagtugon Award bestowed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in 2012. This award recognizes EqB’s excellence in responding to issues or concerns of clients referred to the Bank by the BSP.

To achieve its corporate vision and mission, EqB assures delivery of efficient and personalized service to its customers, pursues optimized return on shareholder investment, and ensures the continuous professional growth and personal well-being of its employees. It also seeks avenues to maximize synergy with business partners as well as promote corporate social responsibility.

EqB’s strong presence in its niche market not only rests on its solid banking relationship with its clients and its synergistic connection with other companies in the Equicom Group but also draws momentum from the dedicated efforts of its highly-competent professional teams steeped in sound banking practices and operations.

Brand Offerings

EqB maintains several brand offerings in the market. Among these are the following:

  • Deposits (Savings, Checking, and Time Deposits)
  • Consumer Loans (Auto, Home, Personal, and Salary Loans)
  • Business and Corporate Loans
  • Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards (Visa-branded products)
  • Cash Management Facilities (Checkwriting, Deposit Pick-up Service, and Payroll Account Arrangement)
  • Online and Phone Banking Facilities
  • Fund Management

About The Chairman

Mr. Antonio L. Go is the Chairman of the EqB Board. Mr. Go has an extensive bank track record, having been the former Chairman of Equitable PCI Bank. He was also the Founder and President of Equitable Card Network, Inc. (ECN). Established in 1989, ECN was the Philippines’ leading credit card company and had the distinction of being the only card issuer which carried the four major global credit card brands – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. Moreover, Mr. Go was a member of the Executive Committee of Visa International Worldwide, Chairman of Visa International Asia-Pacific from 1998-2005 and served as Director since 1980.

About The Vice Chairman

Mr. Rene J. Buenaventura, the former President & Chief Executive Officer of Equitable PCI Bank, now serves as the EqB Board Vice Chairman.

Mission & Vision



We provide a highly rewarding and significantly beneficial experience to our stakeholders by:

  • Delivering efficient and personalized service to our customers.
  • Ensuring the professional growth and personal well-being of our employees.
  • Optimizing return on shareholder investment.
  • Maximizing synergy with business partners and promoting corporate social responsibility.



We are the preferred savings bank with a highly competent and dedicated professional team committed to delivering excellent service and providing responsive and innovative solutions to our chosen markets.

Board of Directors


Antonio L. Go – Chairman
Rene J. Buenaventura – Vice Chairman
Amb. Roberto R. Romulo – Director
Eduardo J. Katigbak, Jr. – President and Director
Esther S. Go – Director



Edgar J. Sia II – Director
Antonino B. Inumerable – Independent Director
Dahlia T. Dy – Independent Director
Meredith D. Ngo – Independent Director

Senior Management


Eduardo J. Katigbak, Jr.

Atty. Darwin R. Bawar
Head – Legal and Remedial Management Division

Serafin L. Bernardo IV
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Maria Clara D. Chua
Vice President & Head – Account Management Division

Maria Lirio E. Du
Vice President & Head – VisMin Area and Cebu Branch

Rainelda I. Graves
Vice President & Head – Human Resources and Retail Banking Divisions

Orlando R. Javier
Vice President & Head – Luzon Branches and Legarda Branch

Roussel E. Larger
Vice President & Head – Consumer and Small Business Loan Division

Ma. Theresa G. Mangibin
Vice President & Head – Credit Card and Loans Services Division

Romallee P. Aguirre
Assistant Vice President & Head – Metro Manila and Luzon Area, Account Management Division



Ma. Theresa F. Atienza
Assistant Vice President, Head – Consumer Assistance Division

Melanie P. Elizondo
Assistant Vice President & Head – Calamba Branch

Maria Rachelle A. Fajatin
Assistant Vice President & Head – Treasury Division and Corporate Planning Office

John T. Florendo
Assistant Vice President & Chief Risk Officer and Data Protection Officer

Herminigildo L. Gatbonton
Assistant Vice President & Head – Corporate Planning/Centralized MIS Department

Elmer M. Planta
Assistant Vice President & Head – Information Technology Department

Anabelle M. Ramos
Assistant Vice President & Head – Accounting Department

Corinne M. Rodriguez
Assistant Vice President & Head – Credit Management Division

Jerilyn V. Salazar
Assistant Vice President & Head – Salary Loan and Personal Loan Sales Department