Equicom Savings Bank offers ‘Kiddie Builders’ Savings Account

Teach your children a better and more effective way to save up for the future by letting them have control of their own money at an early age.

Equicom Savings Bank (EqB) introduces a new kid-friendly savings program designed to help your little tots begin building a financially secured future for an initial deposit of P500 only.

Now, parents can open a Kiddie Builders savings account for their little ones under 13 years old. If a child is less than seven (7) years old, child’s account will be enrolled under ITF (In-Trust-For). EqB’s Kiddie Builders requires a maintaining balance of at least P1,000 to earn an interest rate of 1.00% per annum.

Here’s more. All Kiddie Builders account holders automatically become members of the fun and exciting Kiddie Care Club where they will get great perks along with other financially savvy kids.

Under the program, depositors get the chance to withdraw over-the-counter for a maximum of three times a month. Not only will this give your precious kids control over their savings, but also teach them the basic essentials of banking at a young age.

As a treat from the Kiddie Care Club those with accounts reaching an average daily balance of at least P15,000, a child is qualified to avail of free dental and medical benefits from Maxicare Healthcare Corporation or Metro Dental.

The free dental care treatments will include annual checkups, oral prophylaxis, tooth extraction, restorative and prosthodontics planning treatments, temporary fillings, dental health education and more.

The Kiddie Builders savings account is available in all Equicom Savings branches in Metro Manila and key cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Equicom Savings Bank is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) with contact number (632) 8708-7087 and email address consumeraffairs@bsp.gov.ph.